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Ceiling vacuuming and insulation has a nice ring to it when you are  doing things right and at an affordable price. We, at firehead  understand the importance of this process and also believe that it  would be a disservice to anyone to have to deal with a ceiling work  that is subpar.
Hence, we offer a perfect mirror to what is right, affordable and  infallible ceiling vacuuming service.
What you get usually transcends what you bargain for- of this, you can  be sure even as you hold on to events like:

Our Services

  • Ceiling vacuuming
  • Roof sanitizing
  • Ceiling Insulation
  • Removal of carcasses
  • Removal of bird nests
  • Bird proofing/Rat proofing
  • Waterproofing

The ruins we dig up from hidden places are quickly thrown where they  belong with the appropriate equipment.
What we do is so that all the unwanted dirt and debris do not occupy  the ceiling space.
  In addition to the above, we are your best bet when it comes to rat  proofing and bird proofing services because we employ the best rat and  bird ridding methods.
In order to provide top notch and professional vacuum cleaning  services for you, we have put a good number of people through training  to make what is difficult to come by a easy feat for you and yours.

We pride in giving your home the care that it deserves as we have  experts to bank on for the insulation of your ceiling or vacuuming as  the case may be.



More often than not, people become fazed with myriads of ceiling  problems and they become stuck and sometimes confused about what to do.
You would know that your ceiling needs tending when the smell coming  from it is foul, when there is dust mite, toxins in the roof space and  often when you notice dust marks along the cornices and trap door.
Reality will help you face the fact that a professional expertise is  needed to perfectly get rid of these things. Intuition should help you  see that the best hands for your ceiling work at firehead.


Birds and Rats are not generally bad or to be feared. This statement  here is valid until you have to deal with disturbances and waste from  these animals. It is however, a common feat for birds to have their  droppings on the roof than any other place in the house.
So, you may need that our quality bird proofing and rat proofing  solution sooner than expected. I would say, why not go for Firehead  solution since it involves using effective and affordable solution  with little or nothing to worry about as touching harm to humans.

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