Bird Proofing Services in Johannesburg, Boksburg, Benoni Midrand

Bird Proofing services in Johannesburg

In the bird proofing industry we find Feral pigeons. They are also known as flying rats. 

These pigeons are derived from domestic pigeons that have returned to the wild. Many are found in the greater Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

Ignoring the need for bird proofing services may lead to serious health risks in Johannesburg.

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Pigeon Infestation Signs

  • A flock of pigeons around your property
  • Blocked gutters and roof valleys
  • Pigeon droppings mainly centralized in areas where the bird’s nest
  • Bird noise in your ceiling space especially from young ones could also mean they have invaded your property

Firehead bird proofing control process

  • Consultation
  • On-site evaluation by our technicians
  • We quote
  • Humane, Poison free bird proofing and removal solution
  • Guaranteed work with a warranty to depend on

 Firehead bird proofing techniques

  • Stainless Steel Bird Spikes
  • Bird Netting
  • Galvanised Mesh
  • Bird proofing Wax
  • Firehead roof reflective devices
  • Bird Wire
  • Sanitizing
  • All our work carries a 1-year guarantee and a 5-year warranty on bird netting.
More often than not, people become fazed with myriads of ceiling problems and they become stuck and sometimes confused about what to do. You would know that your ceiling needs tending when the smell coming from it is foul, when there is dust mite, toxins in the roof space and often when you notice dust marks along the cornices and trap door. Reality will help you face the fact that a professional expertise is needed to perfectly get rid of these things. Intuition should help you see that the best hands for your ceiling work at firehead.
Birds and Rats are not generally bad or to be feared. This statement here is valid until you have to deal with disturbances and waste from these animals. It is however, a common feat for birds to have their droppings on the roof than any other place in the house. So, you may need that our quality bird proofing and rat proofing solution sooner than expected. I would say, why not go for Firehead solution since it involves using effective and affordable solution with little or nothing to worry about as touching harm to humans.

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Give us a call if you’re having a bird problem on the following

  • Roof Solar panels ( we use special clips that will not affect your warranty)
  • Commercial outdoor signs
  • Roof ledges, parapet walls and eaves
  • High rise buildings

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