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Isotherm  Ceiling Insulation
A Greener Solution for Ceiling Insulation

At Firehead, our focus is on innovation, value, and leading solutions that place you and your property’s safety at the forefront of what we do. As part of our sustainable initiatives, we introduce Isotherm Ceiling Insulation.

What is Isotherm Ceiling Insulation?
Isotherm is a thermal ceiling insulation made from PET bottles (the plastic bottles that accumulate in landfills and waste bins). As South Africa is faced with the challenge of waste management and energy efficiency, PET bottles, along with its unique qualities, have been converted by Isotherm to create the perfect ceiling insulation material while addressing a persistent environmental problem. Isotherm is a fully recyclable material that is dust-free, allergy-free, and energy-efficient.

The Benefits of Isotherm Ceiling Insulation
Did you know that un-insulated buildings can suffer a 35% loss in energy efficiency through the ceiling alone? Isotherm works by increasing energy efficiency, keeping interiors warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It reduces costs in energy consumption while significantly improving indoor comfort.
Isotherm Ceiling insulation is maintenance-free, offering lasting moisture resistance while protecting against bacterial and fungal growth. It is also naturally non-allergenic, making it the ideal solution for allergy sufferers. Isotherm is durable and a non-irritant, working to stop the spread of fires. By installing the correct thickness, the noise of harsh wind and rain is decreased.
Isotherm has been designed to exceed the stipulated R-value for energy compliance according to new SANS 10400 XA or National Building Regulation.
The recycled PET material is incredibly soft and safe to handle, allowing us to install your new ceiling insulation with ease and efficiency.
Isotherm Insulation Designed for Sustainable, Energy-Saving, Non-Toxic, and Dust Free Interiors
We are authorized installers of Isotherm ceiling insulation and remain compliant with The National Building Regulation. At Firehead, we can improve any building’s energy efficiency with the installation of Isotherm ceiling insulation. For safe, lasting, and effective thermal insulation, contact us today.

Firehead Is Fully Insured
As a company that cares about customers’ satisfaction, we want to assure our customers and prospects that we are fully insured in case of damages to properties during the installation process. This means absolute rest of mind for property owners, and you can sit back while we do our work.


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