Bird Proofing Services in Johannesburg, Boksburg, Benoni Midrand

Solar Panel Bird Proofing


No drilling and Screwing (to protect your warranty)

Solar panels can be comfortable nesting and roosting site for pigeons and other pest birds. Costly repairs will be unavoidable when wires are damaged. Nests are also a huge fire risk if they are not removed or prevented in time.
 *We install galvanized mesh neatly around the perimeter of the panels without drilling or any adhesives.
 *We use special clips that will not damage/scratch your Solar Panels and invalidate your warranty. Easy to remove and allow access for servicing.
 *Before any Bird proofing is done, We clean and remove all bird dropping’s and sanitize.

We are fully insured in case of any damage to your property. All our work is guaranteed


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